About Me

Hi! I’m Martha. Thanks for stopping by.

Born and raised in Northern California from immigrant parents. I mostly lived in Woodland, CA until moving to Sacramento when I attended California State University Sacramento. After graduation and for the the last almost 10 years I have been working at a community clinic serving low income women of various backgrounds and cultures. Working as a Prenatal Health Educator in a popular university town has given me so many new insights to our community’s diverse population. My job has given me a passion for supporting moms, their babies and their family.

Additionally, as a working mom who struggles with trying to balance motherhood and a career, I’ve come to realize that if I don’t enjoy my kids’ childhood while it’s in the moment, I’m going to loose out on it and never get it back. This is the reason I started my Etsy shop: EminenceBoutiqueCA in April of 2017. My motivation to start my shop was to be able to be with my children. I’m still working as a health educator but I have high hopes that my shop will grow enough to eventually be able to stay home with my children and enjoy the little things.

 I started this blog because I always have a story to tell whether its my own or someone who’s made an impact in my life. Many of the women I worked with came to me to learn and in return I learned so much from them. Its amazing how much education can empower a women to do so much in her life, my hope is that my blog will empower you in your life as I have empowered so many.

My Blog will be a reflection of my life story as it comes with my family, business, career goals and all the shenanigans in between.